THUNDER - All the Right Noises (March 12, 2021)

THUNDER – All the Right Noises

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New release from: THUNDER – All the Right Noises (March 12, 2021)

We’re extremely pleased to announce that our 13th Thunder studio album is called All The Right Noises and will be released on March 12th 2021.

We finished it in March of this year, but because of Covid-19, we had to delay the tour and the album release. It’s been very frustrating, and we almost went pop a few times, but finally, we’re able to tell the world about it.

Please Remain Seated gave us a chance to sit down and try different things, but it also allowed us to reflect on what we do best, namely blues-based British classic rock at its riff-tactic best. We were always going to return to our roots, and we’ve done so in a big way with this new album. Those who thought we were ready for our pipe and slippers are in for a massive shock!

The few who have heard it are already calling it the best Thunder album ever. Maybe it’s too early to say, and we’re way too close to comment, but we can say this:-
1. We’re very chuffed with it.
2. It’s 100% Thunder, and
3. It’s 100% rock!

Last One Out Turn Off The Lights” is the first track from the new album, and we’ll pop the video up as soon as it’s done. In the meantime, there’s the little tease clip of the first 20 secs with the Singing Ringing Tree above (which is the album cover). Thunder Channel members will receive a TC stickered 7″ vinyl of this tune later this month as part of their membership (with another new tune on the B-side) – just saying..

ATRN is available to pre-order now, in an eye-popping variety of formats and bundles.
Thanks for reading, and please look after yourself, we need you.
Stay safe.
Ben, Chris, Danny, Harry & Luke

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