To bastardize a classic Slade track, “Pleeze me, Sleeze Me” is to describe perfectly what The Midnight Devils have laid out before us. The self-released Something Bigger follows the classic blueprint of the sleaze rock genre.

The Midnight Devils are from Omaha, NE and comprise of Sniper on lead guitar, Sam Spade on bass and vocals, and the indestructible Jimmy Mess behind the drum kit.

They formed December 2015 and have been touring the US constantly since this album’s release in 2018. During this time they played the famous Rocklahoma Music Festival.


They describe themselves as a high energy glam slam boogie-woogie rock n roll band and of course, I’m not going to argue with that but to me, it boils down to the sleaze.

You only need to take one look at them to see what they offer. Crazy hair, more make-up than a Soho prostitute (but not as well applied) and with a filthy glint in the eye.

You know what you’re in from the first blast of the raw riffs of “Pink Halo”. It’s not so much a rollercoaster of a ride from then on but more of a hot rod ride. A quarter-mile blast of intent and attitude.

Along with the sleaze, there’s more than hint of the punky side which Hanoi Rocks brought to the party back in the day. Also present, pleasingly, is the storytelling that Rocks were famous for, in such tracks as “Bleed Betty Bleed”. It’s not all drinking and sex for these guys. 


Something Bigger evokes feelings of times long ago, in particular the 1980’s on Sunset Strip. Or playing The Troubadour on Santa Monica Boulevard with their (no doubt) heroes such as LA Guns or Motley Crue. Sweaty bars where patrons slam JDs by the gallon and have Marlboros hanging out of the corners of their mouths is where The Midnight Devils belong. 

Fire up your turntable time machine and wallow in happier times.

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