THE BEATLES - Abbey Road (Blog Review)

THE BEATLES – Abbey Road

Sitting in my living room listening to Abbey Road on my new record player, I’m mesmerized by the sound quality. The album was released in 1969, the year I was born.

I can’t get over how every single song on this album is just so well produced.

I felt as if I was listening to something new, as I have to admit I have not listened to it since I was a child.

I can hear every single sound of the instruments in perfect unison with the vocals of Paul and John.  I have to admit sometimes I wonder who’s who singing.  It doesn’t matter though, the album is just top-notch.

Abbey Road puts me in a trance, relaxed and happy, I just can’t help but smile.  For those who know me, I am a true metalhead, but I do need some downtime and The Beatles is the way to go for me.

Going through the first song of the album, “Come Together“, the bluesy stony sound is like sinking into soft foam until you are perfectly content. And you can remain there right until the last song, “Carry That Weight“, the many changes in the harmony of the song is mind-blowing.

All in all, of what I heard of The Beatles, Abbey Road is one of my favourite albums, Having said that I would have to go through many more of their discography and judge upon that at a later date. But for now, Abbey Road will remain my number one.

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