TESTAMENT - Titans of Creation (Album Review)

TESTAMENT – Titans of Creation

Should there be a Big 5 in Thrash Metal? I think so, and if I had a say, I would add Testament to this list. Although the Bay Area band started a few years later than the other Big 4, (Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth) they have been putting out albums since the ’80s and with this, their 13th studio album, haven’t lost a beat so to speak.

Titans of Creation was released on April 3rd and was highly anticipated, well by me anyway 🙂 . And let me tell you it does not disappoint. It reminds me of when Judas Priest put out Firepower a few years ago. It hit me like a metal hammer that I knew as soon as I heard it that I was going to like it a lot. Apparently I was not alone, it was widely considered one of the best albums of 2018. Testament‘s Titans of Creation could be one for 2020.

Titans of Creation is the follow up to 2016’s Brotherhood of the Snake album that was not one of their best but still is a pretty decent album. Titans of Creation, however, is a much better album overall and hasn’t left my speakers for very long since it was released. There are 12 solid songs on this album that range from super thrashy, to melodic, to really mid-paced groove themed bangers as I like to call them.

Testament – Titans of Creation – The Songs:

The album starts off with a classic Testament sounding song called “Children of the Next Level” that immediately grabs your attention, and lets you know that Testament is back and they are bringing it.

From there, the great songs just keep on coming.WWIII” is up next and is another thrasher. But my favourite track on the album is probably the third song, “Dream Deceiver”. This could be my favourite Testament song since “Trial by Fire” back in 1988. The riff in this song just wails.

TESTAMENT - Titans of Creation (Album Review)Listen, I have no musical talent whatsoever, never played an instrument, aside from a failed guitar experiment. All I know is that Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson are amazing players. They just rip on this track and I love it!  Chuck Billy even shows some melody here that gives the song a singability for lack of a better term but while still being a super heavy thrash metal song. I find myself singing it to myself as I go about my day. As a matter of fact, this and the next 3 songs, “Night of the Witch”, “City of Angels”, and “Ishtar’s Gate” just flow together and make this whole album for me, I love them all.

The rest of the album continues to impress, just one great song after another, not a single skip for me. Highlights are “The Healers” and the super heavy “Curse of Osiris”. In these days of a global pandemic when you are stuck at home all day every day, like we all are now, having some new exciting music to listen to helps keep your sanity!

Steve’s Bottom Line

This album is just full of heavy riffs, amazing guitar solos, classic Chuck screams, and even singing!

So. in the end, if you have enjoyed Testament in the past, give this one a spin. You will not be disappointed. \m/

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