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STAGMAN – Kejsarens Nya Kläder (March 27, 2020)

Check out all our Upcoming Release announcements New release from: STAGMAN – Kejsarens Nya Kläder (March 27, 2020) New album with Stagman, “Zinny Zan” (formerly frontman in Shotgun Messiah, Zan Clan). When other artists chase chart breakers and make themselves adaptable to the media, Stagman chooses the uncomfortable way to portray the reality he sees and […]

Friday, December 28, 2018 (D.I.T.D.)

Stemming from a popular segment of their audio podcast episodes, The CGCM Podcast hosts proudly present: Their DAILY D.I.T.D. TRACKS! A new day, a new track! One of the most popular segments of the CGCM audio podcast episodes is DICK IN THE DIRT. The odd phrase refers to the co-host’s choice of a song that’s currently […]


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