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HRH: Hard Rock Hell or Hard Rock Heaven? It’s a veritable query I pose to you out there reading. For me to answer, it surely must be heaven. At least that’s how I walked out of the arena as Ugly Kid Joe had just rung out the final notes. Was I tired? Yes. In pain? […]

TWISTER – Call Of The Wild Festival (Interview)

Introduction: After blowing this reviewer away early doors Friday of Call Of The Wild Festival I made some enquiries about getting the chance to have a chat/interview with the guys in the band. They couldn’t have been more accommodating in allowing it to happen. This is the transcript of that discussion. Most of the answers were from […]

CALL OF THE WILD – Friday Review (Festival Review)

Call Of The Wild Festival 2022 CGCM Rock Radio has just experienced The Call Of The Wild Festival in Lincolnshire, UK. Two delegates, Scotsman Tom Cornell and Canadian Rich “The Meister” Dillon continue their coverage of the event here with this dually written account of Friday, May 20. More coverage will follow including daily accounts, […]


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