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MINDLESS SINNER – Poltergeist (Album Review)

Feeling It must be a great feeling playing the music you love with people you love for 40 years, but that exactly what the guys of Mindless Sinner have done. Apart from a personnel change way back in 1982 it has been the same line-up, which must be applauded and appreciated. In fact, they’ve had […]

EVIL-LŸN – Disciple Of Steel (Album Review)

EVIL-LŸN – Disciple Of Steel. That have any other folks thinking of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe? C’mon, what 10-year-old boy didn’t watch that classic cartoon? But we are of course talking about a metal band and not cartoon here on Decibel Geek. I could not discern if the band is actually named […]

LEGIONS of METAL II – Up To Date Lineup (News)

LEGIONS OF METAL II 2018 Born out of the ashes of Ragnarokkr Festival, the premiere Legions of Metal took place in Chicago last year. A fully loaded bill loaded with old school Traditional flavored metal bands from around the world. Held over three days, including a pre-party, the event saw Decibel Geek website editor Rich “The Meister” Dillon making the journey from Toronto. Heralded […]


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