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KAMELOT, BATTLE BEAST, XANDRIA – Toronto 2023 (Concert Blog)

Toronto Kamelot, Battle Beast and Xandria Live at The Opera House Toronto ON Canada Aug 22nd, 2023 Shawn “Animalize” Irwin of CGCM Podcast was back in Toronto for the first time since December 2019 to see a live concert: It is hard to believe it has been almost 4 years since I’ve been to a […]

TRAGEDY In Toronto (Concert Blog)

Cheers to Inertia Entertainment for bringing Tragedy: All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees And Beyond to Toronto…..for the first time ever! My First Tragedy One night in Edinburgh I met a man. Well, that doesn’t sound quite right🤔. He was a short man….not improving myself here am I? Bear with me…..he was a massive […]

NIGHT DEMON / BLOOD STAR / TOMBKICKER – Toronto (Concert Review)

…..and only Darkness Remains. What a night…Demon that is! Being newer to the Night Demon camp than I probably should be, this was only my second foray into their live set. I have a friend who goes on tour with them to Germany and across the US. I’ve done that with bands. And will do […]

ARMORED SAINT – Symbol of Salvation Toronto (Concert Review)

OMG! I’ve finally seen the light! The salvation I suppose one could say. It’s taken awhile but it finally happened. The albums never famously got along with me. I’ve seen Armored Saint 3 or 4 times in the past but still didn’t take to them with a rabid passion. So many friends speak so highly of […]

ROSS THE BOSS – Rockpile Toronto (Concert Review)

This is a bit of an elusive event for me. Knowing the day I had laid out before the concert, I expected I may not make it. For the second time. I was on target to see ROSS THE BOSS at Legions of Metal in May of 2017. That day didn’t pan out either and […]

DIRKSCHNEIDER – Back To The Roots Part 2 Tour Back To Back Toronto/Ottawa!

On April 6, 1952, 65 years ago a man was born. This man would become a stalwart figure in heavy metal. Udo Dirkschneider rose to the metalhead’s eyes and ears as frontman for the 1970s formed German band Accept. The band impressed audiences and issued a six-album catalog before Udo departed in 1987 to form […]

SAVAGE MASTER – Creature of the Flames/Toronto (EP & Concert Review)

Savage Master – Creature of the Flames Galloping out of the fires of Hell (Louisville Kentucky), Savage Master charge upward, riding hard and fast. The full-on leader of female fronted occult heavy metal. Their blend of NWOBHM tinged, speed-laden, thrash-influenced metal hits hard. Relatively new, Savage Master began life in 2013 and have risen quickly […]

The British Invasion – SAXON/UFO in Toronto (Concert Review)

The British Invasion was in full force this week in Toronto as the Saxon/UFO co-headlining tour rolled through. This was a dream bill for me personally. That’s the only way to sum it up. The names of both Saxon and UFO appear in my full sleeve tattoo depicting a guitar case “stickered” with the logos […]

Talking to CHARLOTTE WESSELS of DELAIN (Interview)

Talking to CHARLOTTE WESSELS of DELAIN (Interview)

And so began the first date of the Delain/HammerFall North American Tour right here in Toronto. The energy shot through the late afternoon air like electric blue lightning that you could almost see. The excitement level was so elevated that you couldn’t help but be carried away as if riding in a hot air balloon. […]

DIRKSCHNEIDER Destroys Toronto! (Concert Review)

DIRKSCHNEIDER Destroys Toronto! (Concert Review)

I am writing this review with ringing ears, bloodshot eyes, aching muscles, a “Metal Heart” and a huge smile on my face. This condition I find myself in comes courtesy of Dirkschneider, both the man and his incredible band. Last night Dirkschneider rolled into Toronto’s Mod Club on the Farewell To Accept tour and delivered heaping amounts […]


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