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CGCM PODCAST EP#144-Monsters On The Mountain (With Pilar Spraggins)

CGCM Podcast Vs. Monsters On The Mountain The Meister is back in his natural habitat…travel to festivals! He has just recently returned from the Monsters on the Mountain event that took place in Pigeon Forge, TN. And he’s here to tell you all about the festival and of course, play some great tunes. And he’s […]

New Singles – October 6, 2021 (BEAVER BUZZ)

Hello CGCM Rock Radio listeners and readers! Welcome to Beaver Buzz, a regular segment written by contributor Dave Wilks showcasing some newly released (or recently added) singles to the CGCM Rock Radio rotation. While listening to our station, you’ll hear our mascot Buzzsaw Beaver come on at the top of the hour with a new […]

TORA TORA – Surprise Attack (Retro-Review)

Thirty-one years ago today, marks the anniversary of the release of Tora Tora‘s debut album, Surprise Attack. I had the privilege of seeing these guys back in the day in support of this record. At the time, hair/glam metal ruled the rock music world. There were essentially two camps in the glam metal scene. We […]

BEST OF 2019 – Andy “Maddog” Lafon

Welcome to the CGCM Podcast/Website. We are a group of music passionate folks from around the world. Although we began in Canada with only the podcast co-hosts, we now realize an entire team of staff from Canada, UK, USA and Sweden! Follow us at our website and/or social media for all our podcasts, album/concert reviews, […]

CGCM Podcast EP#54-Love (MORC) Boat (Podcast Episode)

LOVE, exciting and new. Come aboard, we’re expecting you! The LOVE Boat soon will be making another run. That’s right headbangers, the Monsters Of Rock Cruise is gearing up for its 9th voyage on February 24th. As always the lineup is incredible. Some MORC veteran bands and a slew of fresh blood. This is destined […]

CGCM PODCAST EP#44-Nashville Rock n Pod Expo Part 1

On a hot August weekend, the Canadian Geeks head to the Nashville Rock n Pod Expo for a full weekend of alcoholic mayhem. The Meister, Wallygator and Buzzsaw Barley got into plenty of mischief. What you are about to experience is the first of three episodes capturing the sights, the sounds and the smells of […]

Behold ROCK n’ SKULL! Decibel Geek Returns for 2016.

Behold ROCK n’ SKULL! Decibel Geek Returns for 2016.

Let me tell you, I for one would rather attend the smaller festivals (although the bigger events can be awesome as well). Most times they are in a club or medium sized venue and are general admission. This affords much better views of the stage and overall experiences to the concert goer rather than a huge […]


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