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BEST OF 2020 – Shawn “Animalize” Irwin

This year CGCM decided to include EP (previously they were excluded from Top Ten Albums). Live albums and re-records were still disqualified, new music only for Best of Year. We also instigated a (highly complex🤣 – 1 point for 10th place through to 10 points for 1st place) rating system throughout all individual lists to […]

SUNSTORM – Afterlife (March 12, 2021)

Check out all our Upcoming Release announcements New release from: SUNSTORM – Afterlife (March 12, 2021) SUNSTORM, a project originally designed to showcase a musical style similar to singer Joe Lynn Turner’s Melodic Rock/AOR roots, now has a new face fronting the band in the form of Lords of Black and Rainbow singer Ronnie Romero. Romero’s […]


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