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CGCM PODCAST EP#46 – Nashville Part #3 “Canadian Inquisition”

Welcome to Nashville Part 3. In our final “Nashville Rock n Pod Expo” episode, the Canadian Geeks round out the day with a full episode of the Canadian Inquisition. When the Meister and Wallygator descended upon Nashville Tennessee they came equipped with the Canadian Inquisition. A small but very revealing quiz containing eleven Canadian terms. […]

CGCM PODCAST EP#45-Nashville Part 2 “Can you feel the THUNDER?”

The rumbling of thunder can be heard from Nashville. Or is that just the Meister‘s LPB? No it’s definitely THUNDER and you’ll hear it on this episode of the CGCM Podcast. Our CGCM Podcast EP#45-Nashville Part 2 is a continuation of the Canadian Geeks going wild in Nashville, Tennessee. The Canadian Inquisition rolls on as […]

CGCM PODCAST EP#44-Nashville Rock n Pod Expo Part 1

On a hot August weekend, the Canadian Geeks head to the Nashville Rock n Pod Expo for a full weekend of alcoholic mayhem. The Meister, Wallygator and Buzzsaw Barley got into plenty of mischief. What you are about to experience is the first of three episodes capturing the sights, the sounds and the smells of […]

CGCM Podcast EP#40 – Killer Komebacks with VIP Jason Kearney

Lordy, lordy the CGCM Podcast just turned 40! Well 40 Episodes anyway and to celebrate we have an absolute killer episode of great music for everyone. Killer Komebacks with Nashville Rock n Pod VIP Jason Kearney is chock full of amazing music to rock your earholes. CGCM Podcast EP#40-Killer Komebacks Mr. Kearney joins the Canadian […]