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LEGIONS OF METAL II FESTIVAL – Day Two (Festival Report)

LEGIONS OF METAL II FESTIVAL While obviously paramount, every festival is about more than the music. The social aspect and expanding your worldwide network of like-minded friends has to come into play somewhere as well. Also eating, that’s important too! This means at a jam-packed event like the Legions of Metal II Festival, it is […]

LEGIONS OF METAL II FESTIVAL – Pre-Party (Festival Report)

The 2018 Legions of Metal II Festival was a complete and total no-brainer for me. Last year I attended the event mostly because my beloved Lady Beast was on the roster. Who’s kidding who…if not for that, the event may have flown under my radar forever! 2017 brought some troubled times for me personally, but […]

Stalking The Beast (On Tour With LADY BEAST) (Concert Reviews)

For a musically passionate (recently named bonkers by a UK friend) individual such as I, following a favorite band on a mini-tour is borderline erotic. Maybe I am bonkers, but this crazy Canadian recently bought himself a little week-belated birthday gift. Flying from Toronto to Columbus Ohio I began a four night, four show, four […]

LEGIONS of METAL II – Up To Date Lineup (News)

LEGIONS OF METAL II 2018 Born out of the ashes of Ragnarokkr Festival, the premiere Legions of Metal took place in Chicago last year. A fully loaded bill loaded with old school Traditional flavored metal bands from around the world. Held over three days, including a pre-party, the event saw Decibel Geek website editor Rich “The Meister” Dillon making the journey from Toronto. Heralded […]

Official LEGIONS OF METAL Day 1 (Festival Report)

Official LEGIONS OF METAL Day 1 (Festival Report)

And here we go for the official first day of the inaugural Legions of Metal Festival at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago. Last night’s pre-party got things going but today promised more face melting metal. Overall a fantastic day, but here and now I express my apologies for the crappy cell phone pics. Legions of […]