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HAIR METAL HEAVEN (…or Hell?) – Day 3 (Festival Review/Blog)

HAIR METAL HEAVEN (…or Hell?) – Day 3 (Festival Review/Blog)

The first ever Hair Metal Heaven Festival in Hull UK has wrapped up its inaugural run. I’m here to give you a brief synopsis from a Canadian who traveled the Atlantic for this first-time event. You may agree or disagree but these are my truthful and honest thoughts as I sit here days after the event […]

HAIR METAL HEAVEN Anticipation…and Stalking a Band (Blog)

At the end of August Decibel Geek website editor Rich “The Meister” Dillon will once again be on the move. The intrepid Canadian, who seems to attend every worldwide festival is this time off to the UK. Along with making appearances at not one, but two rock festivals our hero will also be “stalking” one […]


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