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KLAYMORE – It’s Alive 5th Anniversary Edition (EP Review)

Behold Klaymore. A band hailing from Pittsburgh, Klaymore have recently crossed my path. They were familiar to me in name only and even then not so much when I was asked to review their latest EP, Klaymore – It’s Alive 5th Anniversary Edition. I took to the net prior to jumping into the listen for […]

Album Review: Sanktuary – Winter’s Doom

Album Review: Sanktuary – Winter’s Doom

From the opening drum fills of “Space Race”, the lead track on their sophomore effort Winter’s Doom, Sanktuary had its’ hooks into this listener. A blistering headbanger from the opening skin bashing to the closing guitar note, Winter’s Doom crashes along for near 33 minutes despite only being seven tracks in length. Sanktuary were a new band […]


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