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SHOKKER at NYDM Spring Bash and M-Pre Party (Concert Review)

Not knowing a ton about this band’s years active or history didn’t deter their 2017 issued debut CD, III, from breaking into my best of the year list. Check out my podcast (CGCM Podcast EP#22 – Best of 2017) with co-host Wally Gator….the disc hit his list too! My cohost even wrote a stellar album […]

Stalking The Beast (On Tour With LADY BEAST) (Concert Reviews)

For a musically passionate (recently named bonkers by a UK friend) individual such as I, following a favorite band on a mini-tour is borderline erotic. Maybe I am bonkers, but this crazy Canadian recently bought himself a little week-belated birthday gift. Flying from Toronto to Columbus Ohio I began a four night, four show, four […]

NYDM SPRING BASH – The Line Up So Far… (News)

The NYDM SPRING BASH (April 19-22, 2018) Decibel Geek website editor/staff writer and co-host of the CGCM Podcast, The Meister, has discovered yet another awesome American Music Festival. Catching a Facebook shared post by one of his favorite bands, Lady Beast (co-incidentally his #1 album of the year), he scrambled for information. Check out that […]


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