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WILDFEST 2023 Full Lineup and Day Splits (Festival News)

The full lineup of bands appearing at WILDFEST 2023 is revealed. Also included here are the respective day splits for the event. About WILDFEST: (text taken from ticket website with slight editing) As one of the more exquisite music festivals of Belgium, Wildfest unites Hard Rock, Glam Rock, Sleaze Rock and Melodic Rock fans from […]

Hollywood Hairspray Vol. 8 (Album Review)

Hairspray Returns to Hollywood Sometimes a compilation hits the shelves, and people take note. This compilation has reached enough people that there are now 8 volumes available to all the lovers of great “Hairspray” styled rock and roll. Perris Records have outdone themselves with a fantastic version of Hollywood Hairspray Vol. 8. Geared towards fans […]


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