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TYGERS OF PAN TANG – Majors and Minors (Album Review)

Compilation Tygers of Pan Tang are no strangers to compilation albums. Indeed, according to their own website they have released 13 of the damn things. What none of them do, however, is cover the more ‘recent’ period, referred to by some as the “Renaissance Period”. This may have something to with having a Florentine on […]

TYGERS OF PAN TANG – Majors & Minors (May 28, 2021)

Check out all our Upcoming Release announcements New release from: TYGERS OF PAN TANG – Majors & Minors (May 28, 2021) On May 28th, 2021 Tygers of Pan Tang will release worldwide their album Majors & Minors which continues the band’s legacy with a fine selection of songs that were written and recorded over the last […]

TYGERS OF PAN TANG – Ambush (Re-issue) (September 18, 2020)

Check out all our Upcoming Release announcements New release from: TYGERS OF PAN TANG – Ambush (Re-issue) (September 18, 2020) It’s a cold day in Kent in 2012 and Tygers of Pan Tang have convened at Ecology Studios to record their new album. No one could have realized that this would be the last recording to […]

CGCM Podcast EP#81 – Kickin Valentina (Heber & Chris)

It’s Chaos with the Canadian Geeks and Kickin Valentina! Welcome to CGCM Podcast EP#81 – Kickin Valentina (Heber & Chris). With only weeks away from the release of their new EP, Chaos In Coppenhagen, Kickin Valentina’s bassist Chris Taylor and guitarist Heber Pampillon take some time to sit down and shoot the shit with the […]

KICKIN VALENTINA – Chaos In Copenhagen (EP Review)

Let me tell you about a band with some major street buzz. Not since Guns & Roses’ album Appetite for Destruction have I seen a band get this much “word of mouth” buzz. On CGCM Podcast EP#69 Rich “The Meister” Dillon likened Kickin Valentina‘s rise to that of the GnR days and I agree. A […]

KICKIN VALENTINA – Chaos in Copenhagen (December 06, 2019)

New release from: Kickin Valentina – Chaos in Copenhagen December 06, 2019 Kickin Valentina (KV) returned to Copenhagen, Denmark in May 2019 to kick off their European tour, this time with new frontman D.K. Revelle. After what started out as a chaotic weekend with the first show being cancelled at the very last minute, and […]

BLITZKRIEG – Loud and Proud (December 06, 2019)

New release from: Blitzkrieg – Loud and Proud December 06, 2019 BLITZKRIEG formed in 1980 and besides the legendary album “A Time Of Change” from 1985, the band is known for the close connection to METALLICA. METALLICA recorded the song “Blitzkrieg” on the 1984 “Creeping Death” single plus the 1998 “Garage Days Inc” album and […]

DREAM PATROL – Phantoms of the Past (Album Review)

As a kid, I remember being excited to head over to my buddy’s house and watch restricted movies. Usually, action and/or horror films were the genres of choice and the A Nightmare On Elm Street series was a popular one. Receiving the album promo for DREAM PATROL – Phantoms Of The Past and reading that […]

WORRY BLAST – .44 (Album Review)

Worry Blast have chosen to begin their .44 album with “Outta Nowhere”. Disgustingly appropriate seeing as that’s what happened here. They came at me hard from “Outta Nowhere”! This album is high-energy AC/DC influenced hard rock from the first second to the last. Hailing from Switzerland, Worry Blast has apparently been around since at least […]


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