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MASTERPLAN – PumpKings (Album Review)

Masterplan‘s PumpKings launches off the starting line like a stone being fired from Dennis The Menace‘s slingshot! The album features new recordings of old Helloween compositions. Revisiting his former band, Masterplan leader Roland Grapow has re-vamped the material. The album became available on August 11, 2017, thanks to AFM Records. Guitarist Roland Grapow joined German trail blazing […]

Rocktoberfest (Celebrating Some Awesome German Bands)

Rocktoberfest (Celebrating Some Awesome German Bands)

In conjunction with last week’s Decibel Geek podcast episode #157, Rocktoberfest, in which Aaron & Chris celebrate some excellent bands from Germany, I decided to add a few more to the list.  A veritable hotbed of Power Metal, I decided to focus/concentrate mainly in that genre with a few strays along the way.  As the boys […]


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