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MAGNUM – Dance of the Black Tattoo (January 08, 2021)

Check out all our Upcoming Release announcements New release from: MAGNUM – Dance of the Black Tattoo (January 08, 2021) It’s been three years since Magnum brought out The Valley Of Tears – The Ballads, a compilation that focused on the British rock act’s quiet, more otherworldly and dreamy side. Three years during which the idea […]

MAGNUM – The Serpent Rings (January 17, 2020)

New release from: Magnum – The Serpent Rings January 17, 2020 Magnum guitarist Tony Clarkin is a man who seems to never stop working. He is responsible for writing all the material released by the band, and on top of that he produces their albums from the very first demo to the final mix. “As soon as the album […]

MAGNUM – Sweden Rock 2019 (Photo Gallery)

Their debut, Kingdom of Madness, arrived in 1978, their breakthrough album, On a Storyteller’s Night, in 1985. For all these years, Birmingham’s Magnum have reliably delivered timeless, melodic hard-rock tinted with mysticism, and have found an audience devoted even by metal standards. In 2018 the band released their 20th studio album Lost on the Road […]


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