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BAI BANG – Best of Four (Album Review)

CGCM gets banged! Bai Bang is a Swedish Melodic Rock band that formed back in the late 80s in Helsingborg, Sweden. With a back catalogue of eight studio releases, the band has always worked hard in the shadows. Often touring, they love the live show experience. Now with Diddi Kastenholt (vocals) the sole remaining original member, […]

GUNNER – All Access (Classic Album Review)

It’s time to once again introduce you to a new band I myself just discovered. Be prepared for a fantastic journey back to the days of hair, neon, sweat, and leather. Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina I present to you all, Gunner. Yes, this album came out in 2016, but from the moment I hit […]

7HY – No Going Back (Album Review)

I personally love the sound that came from the strip back in the day. I mean who doesn’t right? The party never ended and the selection of great music seemed endless. I speak in the past tense but it’s not really over. Not yet! If you love the sound that I’m talking about don’t worry. […]


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