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PRAYING MANTIS – Katharsis (January 28, 2022)

Check out all our Upcoming Release announcements New release from: PRAYING MANTIS – Katharsis (January 28, 2022) Praying Mantis have announced the release of their 12th studio album, Katharsis. The album sees the long-running British rock band steadily progressing from the sonic signatures of their last release, Gravity. Katharsis features the same line-up that has been […]

SANTA CRUZ – Katharsis (Album Review)

Santa Cruz – Katharsis Purge Katharsis – Meaning to cleanse or purify or clarification. An absolutely perfect title for the new album from Santa Cruz on M-Theory Audio, which is available now. A band with only one original member and a completely new sound compared to their previous albums. Many fans of Santa Cruz have […]