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WILDFEST 2023: Saturday (Festival Blog)

Again, everyone rising at different times, coffee started flowing as we started the morning. Sadly, the final morning of Wildfest. Chef Justin once again took the helm of the good ship Breakfast providing yet another excellent start to the day. As we all gathered around the table to feast, laughter and stories of the days […]

WILDFEST 2023 Full Lineup and Day Splits (Festival News)

The full lineup of bands appearing at WILDFEST 2023 is revealed. Also included here are the respective day splits for the event. About WILDFEST: (text taken from ticket website with slight editing) As one of the more exquisite music festivals of Belgium, Wildfest unites Hard Rock, Glam Rock, Sleaze Rock and Melodic Rock fans from […]

WILDFEST Belgium Initial Lineup Reveal (Festival News)

Wildfest Belgium Initial Lineup Reveal The first blast of bands for the 2023 edition of Wildfest Festival in Gerraardsbergen Belgium has been unveiled! And it’s a hot one! Ticket sales will start in a couple of weeks, together with the announcement of more exciting names! OFFICIAL WILDFEST WEBSITE / FACEBOOK / FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE First […]

WHAT’S NEW, WHAT’S HOT (Review Blog)

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Rock World! In these times of uncertainties, where the world seems grim and bleak, where we are coming out of a pandemic and into an invasion that could lead to a possible World War III. We watch the news and have a hard time believing what we are seeing. it […]


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