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CGCM Podcast EP#64 – Massive DITD with Andy Travis

Recently the Canadian Geeks took a rock and roll road trip west to the Hammer aka Hamilton, Ontario for the Darby Mills/Killer Dwarfs show. They packed up the recording gear, brought along program director Dave “Andy Travis” Wood and captured some podcast gold at the Anchor Bar over a multitude of cold beer! CGCM Podcast […]

Rock n’ Skull 2016: MRF vs. RNS – Day #2

Rock n’ Skull 2016: MRF vs. RNS – Day #2

On this Saturday morning, the official Day #2 of 2016’s Rock n’ Skull event, we made sure to get the hotel breakfast in time. After that, it was back to more hanging out in our by now rather smelly hotel room. Perhaps 5 male rock n’ roll road warriors sharing one room was not the […]


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