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New Singles – February 16, 2021 (BEAVER BUZZ)

Hello CGCM Rock Radio listeners and readers! Welcome to Beaver Buzz, a regular segment written by contributor Dave Wilks showcasing some newly released (or recently added) singles to the CGCM Rock Radio rotation. While listening to our station, you’ll hear our mascot Buzzsaw Beaver come on at the top of the hour with a new […]

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN – Psychosomatic (Album Review)

The Story Behind: Immortal Guardian have been around in some form or other since 2008, although their debut album was released in 2018 having been proceeded by a few EPs under the guise of “Super Metal” in 2012 through to 2014. The guitarist and keyboard player Gabriel Guardian has a reputation for playing both instruments […]

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN – Psychosomatic (February 12, 2021)

Check out all our Upcoming Release announcements New release from: IMMORTAL GUARDIAN – Psychosomatic (February 12, 2021) The highly anticipated second album from the progressive/power metal quartet IMMORTAL GUARDIAN. Featuring Gabriel Guardian who performs shredding guitars and keyboards at the same time. Psychosomatic is the next step in IMMORTAL GUARDIAN’s evolution while still capturing the band’s […]


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