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CGCM Podcast EP#55 – Around The World In 80 Episodes JAPAN

It’s been quite a while since the Canadian Geeks jumped into their hot air balloon and taken a trip. Fasten your seat belts as we go “Around The World In 80 Episodes“. This time Wallygator and the Meister set down in the land of the rising sun. Welcome everyone to JAPAN! For those that may […]

1987: My Guilty Pleasures and Forgotten Treasures

1987: My Guilty Pleasures and Forgotten Treasures

There are a lot of forgotten and overlooked releases from the 80’s and 1987 is no exception.  While they may not be everyone’s taste or preference, here are a few of my “overlooked” or “secret treasures” from that year. . Hailing from Droitwich, England during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal era, Grim Reaper finally let […]


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