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CGCM Podcast EP#27 – Balls To The Wall!

The Canadian Geeks return for the first ever “Signature Six-Pack SerieZ” where we focus all our attention on a single artist. Still riding high on the recent “Dirkschneider – Back To The Roots Part 2 Tour”, the Geeks have chosen Udo Dirkschneider eras of Accept to focus on. Both hosts each take turns playing their favourite […]

DIRKSCHNEIDER – Back To The Roots Part 2 Tour Back To Back Toronto/Ottawa!

On April 6, 1952, 65 years ago a man was born. This man would become a stalwart figure in heavy metal. Udo Dirkschneider rose to the metalhead’s eyes and ears as frontman for the 1970s formed German band Accept. The band impressed audiences and issued a six-album catalog before Udo departed in 1987 to form […]


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