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CGCM PODCAST EP#43-B.B.B.-Round #2-Gray vs. Vollmer (1985)

The final match-up of the second round of the B.B.B. Playlist Tournament starts now! Also known as the battle of Helix as vocalist Brian Vollmer goes toe to toe against his bandmate, bassist Daryl Gray. the year up for grabs? 1985! As always the episode will feature 2 separate playlists, “A” and “B”. You, the […]

CGCM Podcast EP#36 – B.B.B. Daryl Gray vs. Andy Curran (1992)

The wait is over, the time is now! Welcome to Buzzsaw’s Battle of the Bands Playlist Tournament. The biggest event in Canadian Rock Podcast history! Sixteen Canadian Rock n Roll icons will participate in a round robin, single elimination tournament with music as the weapon of choice. The pairings for the tournament were drawn randomly […]


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