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CGCM Podcast Bonus Episode – At The Farm! (Farm Rocks)

Farms are the lifeblood of our nation. They provide us with healthy nutrients from the freshly grown crops of fruits and vegetables. There is one farm, however that specializes in a different kind of crop. A farm that specializes in Rock n Roll! The Canadian Geeks stopped by this special farm to deliver our listeners […]

CRYSTAL PISTOL – Crystal Pistol (Retro-Review)

CRYSTAL PISTOL – Crystal Pistol (Retro-Review)

So, like a good many of us, I’m sure, I belong to many different groups on Facebook. Every once in awhile a post in one of those groups grabs my attention and begs for a comment. In this case that I’m about to speak of, esteemed fellow Decibel Geek writer and CGwbCM Podcast co-host Wally “Wallygator” […]


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