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ICARUS WITCH – No Devil Lived On (October 27, 2023)

NEW UPCOMING ALBUM RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT! New release from: ICARUS WITCH – No Devil Lived On (October 27, 2023) Icarus Witch’s seventh release for Cleopatra Records is an occult sci-fi concept album entitled No Devil Lived On. The story is a futuristic reimagining of the Aradia mythos that begins as Earth is nearing ecological and societal collapse. […]

ANGEL – Risen (Album Review)

Originally on Casablanca Records, Angel was known as the anti-KISS band. While the KISS guys were all in black and silver, Angel was completely opposite, dressing all in white. Forming in Washington D.C. in the mid-’70s by Punky Meadows and Mickie Jones the band quickly became known for their flamboyant glam look and stage presence. […]


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