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CGCM Podcast EP#78 – Never Have I Ever…

Welcome everyone to the next episode of the Canadian Geeks Chatting Metal Podcast! Tonight’s episode is entitled “Never Have I Ever”. It’s basically one of those stupid Facebook things that often make the rounds online. The Geeks somehow figured a way to spin this into a full podcast episode, complete with dicks in the dirt […]


As it was pointed out in the last episode of the CGCM Podcast – Ep#64 – Massive D.I.T.D. With Andy Travis, I tend to lean towards the more melodic hard rock. Yes, that may be true, but there are exceptions! There are times I dive into something a little heavier, and sometimes I go full […]

CGCM Podcast EP#59-Suppositories, Whiskey & Wine

In what is absolutely the most intoxicated episode of the CGCM Podcast ever recorded, the Canadian Geeks are back! The regular Disciples of the Beaver are used to the beer-soaked babble from Wallygator and The Meister. For over 50 episodes the Geeks have been fuelled almost exclusively with the amazing beers of Rhythm & Brews. […]


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