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TIME TO ROCK FESTIVAL – Anticipation Blog #2

As I lie in a hostel bed in Stockholm, Sweden on the cusp of attending a major Rock Festival, I’m already looking ahead. Ahead approximately one month in the future to another festival. July 7-10, 2023 to be exact. The Time To Rock Festival will happen in Knislinge, Sweden. The four-day event boasts a roster […]

ALESTORM – Sweden Rock 2022 (Photo Gallery)

Here continues CGCM‘s Photo Coverage of Sweden Rock Festival 2022. CGCM realized two photographers on site this year, Shawn “Animalize“ Irwin and Brian Ronald, each capturing different bands. Here are Brian‘s Alestorm captures. ALESTORM (from (from A union of folk metal and power metal with humorous lyrics about pirates. Maybe not a recipe […]

CGCM Podcast EP#53 – Chatting Metal With Paul Stanley!

You read that correctly. The Canadian Geeks sit down and chat metal with Mr. Paul “Freakin” Stanley! It’s a dream come true episode as Wallygator and The Meister chat via telephone with the Paul Stanley. So get yourself a frosty cold beverage, sit back and hear all about some of Paul‘s favourite metal music. Now […]