SYRYN - Heads or Tails (August 26, 2022)

SYRYN – Heads or Tails

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New release from: SYRYN – Heads or Tails (August 26, 2022)

Calgary’s SYRYN announces their sophomore album Heads or Tails due out on August 26th. The band returns to seduce new fans and entertain current ones with their epic heavy metal tales of mermaids, sailors, and pirates.

Syryn‘s sophomore album Heads or Tails, is a record full of growth, diversity, and a much more collaborative effort as a whole compared to the band’s debut full-length Beyond the Depths along with co-writing with guest vocalists Amanda Kiernan (ex-The Order of Chaos, ex-Into Eternity) and Craig Carswell (Producer, Singer /Songwriter, Dorians Mirror, Court of Cardinals). Head or Tails is more a themed album branching out into the Pirate/Sailor’s perspective and beyond. The band wanted to continue on the storytelling of a Siren’s journey, touching on as many aspects of it as they could fit onto the record (including the many emotions we go through in everyday life: Love, fear, anger, happiness, sadness, regret, etc.). Syryn also wanted to shake things up and create something a bit out of their regular musical realm, no two songs are alike and that makes the band more difficult to categorize. They try to incorporate all their influences into their own sound with a wide array of styles to adhere to many people’s tastes.

This album is part of my soul. Not only is it melodic, but it is also menacing and malicious. It’s happy and fun, yet heartwrenching. Every piece of music written includes a piece of myself. How could it not, really. We write from experience, we write from knowledge, or dreams, or desires. I write from all of the above, and more. The beauty of this album as a whole is that we all get it. We all feel those things and want to represent them as best we can. Be it to cheer someone up, provide an awesome drinking song, be pissed off at something or someone, dig a bit deeper, stand up for ourselves, give a musical hug, or whatever the hell else we feel like. This album encompasses all of that and more. Music is a voice, and we are choosing to use it. This album was a blast to write! We’ve been holding on to these riffs for a long while, and hopefully, the anticipation is exactly what our fans were waiting for.” adds vocalist Sloan Voxx.

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