SWEDEN ROCK 2023 - 8 New Announcements (News)

SWEDEN ROCK 2023 – 8 New Announcements

Sweden Rock are happy to add eight more bands to the 2023 Sweden Rock Festival line-up!


The biggest band from “the second generation” of Bay Area thrash metal have basically been praised by the whole metal community since their 1987 debut The Legacy. It’s actually hard to name any among their thirteen studio albums that has not been declared a classic, the most recent outing Titans of Creation (2020) certainly included. In short, fans of headbang-compatible, energetic, innovative and all around high-quality metal know that singer Chuck Billy et al never disappoint, and that definitely goes for their live shows as well.


One of the few bands to really move melodic death metal forward since its 90s heyday is Sweden’s Avatar. They have released eight studio albums since 2006, including such modern-day classics as Hail the Apocalypse (2014) and Hunter-gatherer (2020), where brutality intermingles with finesse and miscellaneous surprises. Lest we forget, Johannes Eckerström is a unique frontman. We’re all but certain that Avatar‘s ninth album Dance Devil Dance, arriving in February, will increase their momentum still a little more just in time for SRF.


Sator has been a cherished institution on the Swedish rock scene more or less since their beginning in 1987. These masters of groove-laden punk – and occasionally hard rock, like on their 1992 album classic Headquake – have, on seven “regular” albums, produced fan favourites like World, We’re Right, You’re Wrong and I’d Rather Drink Than Talk. Their classic covers album Barbie-Q-Killers Vol 1 (1994) saw them salute their punk roots, and fans were unsurprisingly delighted to finally get the follow-up Return of the Barbie-Q-Killers in 2022.


Sweden’s Thundermother mainly walked the AC/DC path on their 2014 debut album. Now, four more albums later, their own personal style is fully developed and it is indeed above all their two latest albums, Heatwave (2020) and Black and Gold (2022), that have propelled Thundermother forward as one of the hottest new(ish) Swedish hard rock bands. On stage, they’re a live wire, which coincidentally got them a US tour with the Scorpions in 2022.


The European answer to Dream Theater? Nah, they’re more original than that, but Britain’s Threshold, celebrating 30 years as recording artists in 2023, are indeed one of the first and most classic bands in European prog metal. Unlike many veteran acts, Threshold have only become more popular over time – out of their twelve studio albums, the likes of Legends of the Shires (2017) are just as cherished as the old releases, and there is little doubt that their current, and highly anticipated album Dividing Lines will maintain the winning streak.


Britain’s Green Lung count among the new representatives of traditional occult hard rock. Their sound contains elements from psychedelic rock a well as stoner and punk, and both their albums Woodland Rites (2019) and Black Harvest (2021) have been positively received by critics and fans alike. Folklore and horror are important influences to this band who despite their stubborn independent attitude are starting to gain recognition in a wider context.


Your afterparty that never ends“, is how Sweden’s Hot Breath have described themselves. The band, with members from the likes of the not entirely unknown Honeymoon Disease, play hard and groove-laden garage-rock’n’roll that unabashedly aims for the crotch. Since their 2019 EP and 2021 debut album Rubbery Lips have been received positively by rock fans, the time has come for Hot Breath to take on the big stages as well.


AC/DC-like rock with Swedish lyrics is quite unusual. But now we have Ström (electricity), who became the talk of a nation in spring 2022 with their two first singles. September saw the release of the eponymous debut Ström, and in this short time the band have become one of the most talked-about in Sweden in a long time. Critics and audiences alike have welcomed Ström with open arms – their glorious future is seemingly already here.

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The 30th edition of the Sweden Rock Festival is organized in Sölvesborg on June 7-10.

The tickets are released and can be found at www.swedenrock.com.


Sweden Rock is Scandinavia’s biggest hard rock festival. Every year, visitors from around 50 countries are attracted to Sölvesborg, where they are treated to over 80 concerts in a mix of classic rock, hard rock, southern rock and metal. Sweden Rock is known for maintaining a high level of service, and the friendly atmosphere has become one of the main hallmarks of the festival. In addition to the annual festival, Sweden Rock now has a magazine, drinks and lifestyle products gathered under its brand.