Sweden Rock Festival 2019The Meister is all set for his seventh return engagement to SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2019. Starting out solo in 2013 representing Decibel Geek, many were amazed Meister would make the journey. Subsequently, over the years he has been joined by different friends and other Decibel Geeks as well. Following Meister‘s exploits and all the pertinent Sweden Rock Festival announcements, you’ve come to the right place! This page will be a steady build leading up to the event, during and after it’s completion.

Therefore, here you’ll find our reports on band announcements and other festival-related news blurbs. Also, as we go along we will be adding anticipation articles in the days and/or weeks approaching Sweden Rock 2019. Followed by the “Big Bang” as we bring you our reports from onsite during and recapping what promises to be another experience of a lifetime at Sweden Rock Festival 2019. Finally, in the form of written reviews and blogs, enlightening concert photography and live performance videos, you’ll feel just like you were rockin’ next to us! So, bookmark this page and be sure to check back as we add articles leading up to the event, during and full reports after.

If you’ve landed here before the extravaganza goes off, reach out! We’d love to meet ya for a cold beer or six!

Of course, now coverage will appear on both the CGCM and Decibel Geek websites.


The Sweden Rock Festival is held in Sölvesborg on 5-8 June.


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