It seems like ages ago when Greg Fraser (Brighton Rock, Fraze Gang) spilled the beans that he was putting a brand new band together. As a huge fan, I was anxious to hear what Greg had going on. Storm Force was their name. I soon learned they were laying down the tracks for what would become their debut album, Age Of Fear.

Released in late January of 2020, Age Of Fear made quite a buzz here at CGCM Rock Radio. I absolutely loved this album and predicted that this would be a contender for Album of the Year here at the station. My prediction came true. Age Of Fear was crowned CGCM Rock Radio‘s #1 Album of 2020. I couldn’t wait to see this band deliver live, but wait I would have to.

The band’s debut live performance was scheduled but a global pandemic had other plans. Live music shut down and the show got rescheduled I don’t know how many times. Finally, the wait was over and the Warehouse in St. Catharines played host to the very first live performance from Storm Force!

Getting the party started was a local cover band, The Funhouse Band. They played a great set of melodic rock hits and I would recommend checking them out. Billy Idol, the Cult, Tragically Hip and Honeymoon Suite were just a few of the songs setting the mood for what was to come.

Ladies and Gentlemen…Storm Force!!!!

Every once in a while a live show can become more than just a concert. Once in a while, you hit on a truly magical experience. Music is the ultimate escape and for a couple of hundred rock n rollers, Storm Force delivered such a performance.

“Age of Fear” (the song) kicked off the night. Watching Greg Fraser wielding his ever-present Lado guitar was almost euphoric. There is nothing like watching a musician who seems so happy to be onstage. The band was incredibly tight, almost like they had spent every day of the pandemic in rehearsal for this show.

Speaking of someone who was born to be onstage? This was my first time seeing vocalist Patrick Gagliardi live and he delivered the goods! Bassist Mike Berardelli, new drummer Roger Banks and on keys Mike ‘Benny’ Bedrosian rounded out the killer lineup. The entire band looked like they were exercising two-plus years of pent-up frustration and having a blast doing it. Fucking magical!!!

The setlist included the entire Age Of Fear album including the bonus track. “Marshall Law“, “Dirty Vegas” and “Ride Like Hell” were personal highlights. When it came time for “Breathe“, vocalist Serena Pryne joined the band onstage. It was electric watching Patrick and Serena trade-off vocals, sending goosebumps through the crowd. Electric!


Thank You!

What set the show completely over the top for me was the inclusion of three Brighton Rock classics. “We Came To Rock“, “Hangin High & Dry” and “Can’t Stop The Earth From Shakin’“. I guess I never really expected to hear these songs played live ever again and to be honest, it got me right in the feels. I thanked Greg and Patrick after the show for keeping Brighton Rock‘s music alive, they were such an amazing band.

Closing the night with a killer cover of AC/DC‘s “Sin City” it was a perfect ending to a perfect night of rock n roll. For those lucky enough to have been there, you know what I am talking about. Cheers to Storm Force!


***Photographs by: BRIAN RONALD for CGCM Rock Radio***