SOLE SYNDICATE - Last Days of Eden (Album Review)

SOLE SYNDICATE – Last Days of Eden

For a country that has a population of around 10 million people Sweden consistently produces some of the best metal bands. Whether it’s sleaze, power metal, melodic metal or just plain hard n heavy rock they just keep coming. Sole Syndicate fit right in with their melodic metal sound. The band was formed in 2015 by vocalist and guitarist Jonas Månsson. In the fall of that year, they released their debut album Garden Of Eden and toured extensively in support of it through 2018. They signed a new deal with Italy’s Scarlet Records and are unleashing their sophomore release Last Days of Eden on November 20, 2020.

Sole Syndicate – Last Days of Eden

Last Days of Eden is a modern heavy metal album with strong melodic hooks, memorable songs and top-notch production. The album title is a reference to the ongoing global pandemic and the political instability that it brought. The Band is: Jonas Månsson (vocals), Dennis Heltorp (guitar), Niklas Strandanäs (guitar), David Gustafsson (bass) and Henrik Zetterlund (drums). The album has 10 tracks and comes in at 49 minutes with the average song length at about 4 minutes, not too long to lose the attention span of the listener.

The album starts out with the track “Wake up” and perfectly setups up what you can expect to hear throughout the rest of the songs. Next is “…And The Truth Will Set You Free”, the first single. This song has it all great riffs, hooks and memorable chorus. This is sure to be a future staple in their live set. Other standout tracks are; “We Came to Rock“, “Brothers” and “Pain is Only An Illusion“.

Each time I listen to this record I find something new to like about it. I tried to find more info on the band but since they are a fairly new band there wasn’t much out there. Based on what people will hear on this release I’m sure that will change. I know I’m going to look up their debut based on what I have heard on this one.

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