SHOW-YA - Showdown (November 12, 2021)

SHOW-YA – Showdown

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New release from: SHOW-YA – Showdown (November 12, 2021)

Show-Ya has been sitting on the throne of the Japanese female metal scene.

With their national hit songs, TV appearances, and Japan’s biggest female band event held by Show-Ya themselves, they are one of the most well-known heavy metal acts in this country, whether be it male or female. You can also find a lot of younger musicians heavily influenced by them.

Commemorating their 35th anniversary, Showdown turned out to be a more-or-less back-to-the-roots album with strong heavy metal spirits.

The album was produced by Nozomu Wakai, who has been working with Alcatrazz, Ronnie Romero (Rainbow) and Tommy Aldridge in his own band, Destinia. Mastering was done by Jacob Hansen.

The legendary German singer Doro Pesch sang on “Heavy Metal Feminity,” a song about women’s liberty.

Indeed, the album is filled with powerful heavy metal backed up by their long career.

Show-Ya lineup
Keiko Terada – lead vocals
Miki “Sun-go” Igarashi – guitar
Miki “Captain” Nakamura – keyboards
Satomi Senba – bass
Miki “Mittan” Tsunoda – drums


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