SERAINA TELLI - Simple Talk (October 21, 2022)


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New release from: SERAINA TELLI – Simple Talk (October 21, 2022)

Swiss multi-talent Seraina Telli reveals the video for “Modern Warrior,” the first single from her forthcoming solo debut, Simple Talk, set for international release on October 21st via Metalville Records. See & hear the brand-new video for “Modern Warrior” below.

With “Modern Warrior, ” Seraina Telli puts a fat exclamation mark. The former frontwoman of Burning Witches combines everything that the modern rock world urgently needs: great songwriting, vocal power, musical versatility, artistic depth, and a really strong attitude. Coupled with her authenticity, Seraina Telli is the ideal mixture of power woman and promising artist.

Female-fronted rock has a new face: Seraina Telli. The charismatic Swiss singer leaves a lasting impression, visually and musically. Her music is as colourful and varied as her hair colours, one of her typical distinguishing features. The multi-talent is reluctant to be tied to one style, as her previous musical career shows. As the former frontwoman of the Swiss heavy metal band Burning Witches, she shook the stages of major rock festivals such as Bang your Head and Leyendas del Rock for four years.

Now the time is ripe for her solo project, named after herself: Seraina Telli.

I am what I am, and that’s just right!” This message is very important to Seraina Telli. She wants to motivate other women, in particular, to believe in themselves, to be completely with themselves and, above all, to stay that way.

Colourful, loud, different, and above all, unique! With a style of music that “Straight in your Face Rock” couldn’t describe better. All of this and much more is Seraina Telli! Cover and tracklisting for Simple Talk are as follows:

Tracklisting for Seraina Telli’s Simple Talk:

1. Modern Warrior
2. I’m Not Sorry
3. Take Care
4. I Dare To
5. Remedy
6. Soldier Of Fortune
7. G.E.B.
8. Dreamer
9. Not One Of Your Kind
10. Fever
11. Remember You
12. Medusa


Seraina Telli – vocals, guitar
Alice Lane – bass
Rico H. – drums


with Burning Witches:
Burning Witches (2017)
Hexenhammer (2018)

with Dead Venus:
Bird of Paradise (2019)
Flowers & Pain (2022)


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Seraina Telli – Remember You (Official Music Video)

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