SEAX - Speed Inferno (September 30, 2022)

SEAX – Speed Inferno

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New release from: SEAX – Speed Inferno (September 30, 2022)

Seax was formed in Massachusetts in 2009 by their guitarist, Hel.

The five-piece was very fast complete and they started playing live shortly after and recorded their first album in August 2011. It was titled High on Metal and self-released by the band in July 2012. Re-released by EBM Records in 2012.

Their 2nd album To The Grave was recorded between 2013-2014 and released in December 2014 as vinyl only. They now play much faster and direct, pure Speed Metal in the best 80s style. Speed Metal Mania, their 3rd album, was created between 2015-2016 and released in September 2016 by the band.

In 2018 the band was in Europe on tour, also at the high recommend Headbangers Open Air (end July)! The album Fallout Rituals came in 2019 only out in the U.S. Sadly short time later starts the worldwide covid cancelling.

But, now it’s 2022 and the band restarted with an awesome and pure Speed Metal attack! 9 catchy and fast hymns, with fresh and aggressive sounds – perfect to bring it on the stage! CD is coming out 30. Sept., vinyl will be out in Oct. via Diabolic Might Records!


1. Speed Inferno
2. Radiation Overload
3. New World Crucifixion
4. Barbarians Of Doom
5. Keepers Of The Blade
6. Return To The Steel
7. Shock Combat
8. Rising Evil
9. Heading For A Road


Helvecio Carvalho – guitars
Cristiano Lobo – bass
Fife Samson – guitars
Carmine DeCicco – vocals
Derek Jay – drums


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