Well here is something that caught my ears! Scarlet Rebels! This British band really delivers the goods!!! And damn they’re really good!!!

See Through Blue is the band’s second album. Already highly praised for their first album Show your Colours, these guys didn’t let up. No, Covid 19 didn’t slow them down.

The lyrics are deep and meaningful,  No screwing around every song has a story to tell. this is what makes this album even better.

Wayne Doyle is a fantastic singer with a  great voice.  He delivers his message with power and conviction!

Chris Jones is a master lead guitarist paired up with Josh Townshend creating great rifts

Holding the backbeat is bassist Wayne “Pricey” Esmonde with drummer Gary Doyle.

You can’t go wrong with these guys, they are very talented musicians and sure to have many hits with this album!


These guys will not only get one type of people.

With their style of music, they will reach far and get many many listeners from different backgrounds. You know when you’re in your car and you put on your music and you’re the only one liking it and your partner ask you to listen to something better? Well, not this time!! Your partner will tell you “Hey these guys sound great!”

In today’s world with all that’s happening it’s nice to chill and listen to these guys.

Scarlet RebelsSee Through Blue is out now. Get your hands on it via the great rock and metal supporting label, Earache Records. Also available via Amazon in the UK, Canada and U.S.

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Remember Folks, Rock Will Never Die!

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