SAGA - Sweden Rock 2022 (Photo Gallery)

SAGA – Sweden Rock 2022

Here continues CGCM‘s Photo Coverage of Sweden Rock Festival 2022. CGCM realized two photographers on site this year, Shawn Animalize Irwin and Brian Ronald, each capturing different bands. Here are Brian‘s Saga captures.

SAGA (from

(from Combining progressiveness and hooks, and making revolutionary use of synthesizers, made Saga unique from the start. Since their 1979 debut, they have consistently impressed a devoted fanbase with grandiose albums like Worlds Apart (1981), Full Circle (1999) and most recently Sagacity (2014) – not counting the very fresh Symmetry featuring acoustic re-recordings. Singer Michael Sadler and Co. have previously declared that Saga will no longer tour, but thankfully, they had a change of heart and are once more very active.



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SAGA – Sweden Rock 2022 (Photo Gallery)

by Brian Ronald