waynes-world-soundtrackMany years ago when I was just a young “Meister”, my friends and I were enthralled by films such as Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Wayne’s World. Soundtracks from both films were popular rotations in our cars or at cottages etc. Buried deep on the second side of the Wayne’s World Soundtrack Cassette was a song titled “Ride with Yourself” by Rhino Bucket. What an odd name! But none the less this hidden gem was clearly my favorite of the lot. Never having acquired Rhino Bucket‘s Get Used to It album featuring “Ride with Yourself”, that was the first and last time I would hear of the band Rhino Bucket.

Somewhere around 2010/2011 I found and purchased a Rhino Bucket CD on eBay, never having heard anything aside from “Ride with Yourself”. From the opening song, the title track, on The Hardest Town, I knew I had to get back to this band. Let’s just get it out of the way fairly early on here. YES, I’m quite aware that they sound AC/DC-ish!


rhino bucket hardest-townRhino Bucket was actually formed way back in 1988 by Georg Dolivo (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Reeve Downes (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Greg Fields (lead guitar, backing vocals). Adding Liam Jason from Warrior on drums, the self-titled debut dropped in 1990 courtesy of Warner Bros. Records. Two years later came Get Used To It with “Ride with Yourself”. Following that, Simon Wright (AC/DC, Dio) replaced Jason for 1994’s PAIN album. Then Rhino Bucket would disappear for twelve years until 2006’s And Then It Got Ugly. The comeback album featured the return of Jason now named Jackie Enx behind the kit. Also notable was the replacement of Greg Fields by Brian Forsythe (KIX). 2007 saw PAIN & Suffering (a re-release including previously unreleased songs) before my favorite, 2009’s Hardest Town with Simon Wright for a second stint behind the kit. Who’s Got Mine came in 2011 with the very cool Sunrise on Sunset Blvd. in 2013. The Sunrise album is actually a live recording of the band playing the debut in its entirety circa 1990.


rhino bucket 2016-cliff-koehler

Rhino Bucket 2016 (Cliff Koehler)

Upon seeing the roster of bands that would be included in the inaugural voyage of the Monsters of Rock Cruise in 2012 a few bands jumped out at me. Down in the “seeing eye chart” portion of the poster was listed Rhino Bucket! By this time, with Hardest Town in regular rotation, I had acquired almost the whole catalog. One of the deciding factors of my journey to that historic event that changed my life (MORC 2012 Recap) was Rhino Bucket.

Just returning from Monsters of Rock Cruise West recently I again was enthralled by two stellar Rhino Bucket events aboard ship. Unfortunately, I was late in arriving at both shows and therefore missed my beloved Hardest Town songs (title and “Justified”) that usually appear early on in the setlist. The boys, led by Dolivo‘s rough and raspy vocals ripped through stellar sets nonetheless. The second performance, this one in the Atrium, saw probably the largest crowd that I’ve seen yet for a Rhino Bucket event on MORC. It was great to see not only the turnout but folks clearly grooving to the set.

rhino bucket 2016-cliff-koehler-1

Rhino Bucket 2016 (Cliff Koehler)

I had more than one friend approach me some time after the show saying how great they were…I knew that already! Glad to have you in the Bucket camp finally! I even overheard some obviously new to the band commenting their surprise seeing Forsythe was in the group.


Hopefully, Rhino Bucket will soon be releasing a new album. I hear there’s one in the works :). Until such time, The Hardest Town remains one of my most played CDs.

For those that were there, say it with me: “Fuck it, I saw Rhino Bucket!”


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