RESISTANCE - Metal Machine (Album Review)June 27, 2017, saw No Remorse Records issue Metal Machine, the latest from Resistance. Coming to fruition in the millennium year of 2000, Resistance hail from Los Angeles, California. Signing with Finland’s Lion Music in 2004 saw their debut album, Lies In Black, hit stores the same year. What has been described as a conceptual masterpiece, Patents Of Control followed in 2007 before Resistance would fall silent for eight years. Returning in 2015 they issued an EP titled Battle Scars and now joining forces with No Remorse for 2017’s Metal Machine.


The clinking of a machine shop hammer is the first sound greeting the listener. Shortly, Metal Machine throws open the gates launching into “The Metal Machine” to get things rolling. A raw, thrashy ripper that simply pummels for its longer than four-minute playtime. We charge right through into “Hail To The Horns”. This composition features a little more of a melodic sound with a hooky riff. Vocalist Robbie Hett shows his prowess with some definitive notes during “Rise and Defend”.

More vocal talents on showcase for “Some Gave All”, a solid thrasher through and through. Peppered all over Metal Machine is engaging guitar work and tasty solos thanks to Dan Luna (also producer) and Burke Morris. Thundering backlines are supplied by Paul Shigo (bass) and Matt Ohnemus (drums). The excellent cover art is provided by Dusan Markovic (Seven Kingdoms, Jag Panzer and, A Sound of Thunder) and Neil Kernon (Dokken, Helix, and Scorpions) handled mixing and mastering.

However, it’s the back half that really inspires me to put my money down. Another fast paced song with a rising crescendo can be found in “Time Machine”. Absolutely shining is “Dirty Side Down” with a catchy riff and memorable chorus for my top pick off Metal Machine. It just compels your fist in the air. I’m sure you can guess at the subject of “Heroes” with the lyric “please don’t take any more of my heroes”. Certainly a current topic in the last year or so! Things close out with a cover of the Scorpions classic and personal fave tune from the German stalwarts with “Blackout”.


Resistance have delivered a solid slab of heavy/thrash style metal in Metal Machine. Check out the video below for a fitting sample of their product. And if you enjoy, then you will hold an appreciation for the entire release. Go buy it!

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