REMEDY – Pleasure Beats The Pain (Album Review)

REMEDY - Pleasure Beats The Pain (Album Review)Album number two from Swedish AOR/Melodic Hard Rock band Remedy. Their first album, Something That Your Eyes Won’t See, got a lot of interest from the audience and critics and it was a solid album. What can we expect from this album then?

They have grown in my ears in every aspect. Better songs overall, better production and a bit heavier sound. The band is led by guitarist Roland Forsman and he has been working with many Swedish pop artists before he started Remedy in 2022.

It starts with the dramatic and heavy song “Crying Heart” with a great chorus and crunchy guitars. Singer Robert Van Der Zwan has a great voice for this type of music. “Moon Has The Night” has an 80’s feeling and could be in a movie from that era.

Sin For Me” starts with a heavy riff almost like a Pretty Maids song. I really like the guitars on the album. Next up is “Angelina” with a fantastic chorus and backing vocals. “Bad Blood” is a bit softer but with a big chorus and great guitar playing.

The heaviest song on the album is “Caught By Death”. With a great bassline from Jonas Dicklo pumping through the song. Almost like DIO goes AOR. My favourite on the album is up next, “Hearts On Fire”, with a fantastic chorus and stomping beat.

Poison” starts like an Accept song with a cool riff. The song is in my opinion one of the weakest on the album but it is a good song. “Girl’s Got Trouble” has a Whitesnake/Europe feel to it and is a great uptempo song and I think it will be a great song to hear live. The last song is a ballad called “Something They Call Love” and wow! I get goosebumps when I hear it. It has an amazing yet sad feeling over it. Great sung by Robert Van Der Zwan.

This album is going to be in my top ten albums of the year. Great songs and feeling all through. If you like bands like H.E.A.T, Eclipse, Treat and other Swedish AOR bands you are going to love this.

Rating 9/10

Release day: 24th May

Label: Escape Music Ltd.

Band members:

Roland “ Rolli” Forsman – Guitars

Robert Van Der Zwan – Lead vocals and guitars

Jonas Öijvall – Keyboards

Jonas Dicklo – Bass

Fredrik Karlberg – Drums


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