RAMMSTEIN - The Show To End All Shows (Concert Blog)

RAMMSTEIN – The Show To End All Shows

Hello Folks! I do hope you are doing well!

Where to begin?

I’m honestly trying to find the proper words to describe what I’ve seen that night. It’s what I call the event of the century!

Ticket Buying and Postponement:

Sunday August 21, 2022 has been the most anticipated day of my life for the past two years! I remember in late December of 2019 Rammstein had announced their first ever Stadium Tour in North America. The day the tickets went on sale I halted my work, went online, and bought my tickets.  I was extremely joyful that day. I previously saw Rammstein twice in arenas before but never in a stadium. The set was massive like something out of Mad Max if he were in Fritz Lang‘s movie Metropolis.

The original date if memory serves me right was August 21, 2020. Well, we all know the world went to shit. So August 21, 2020 was a bust. A year goes by and I got my hopes up and as you guessed it, same shit different year. I hadn’t seen a show in over a year before that and it was driving me nuts. Then in early October of 2021, I went to my first show. I saw Rockin’ Engine and In Heat that night! It felt so damn good. Both bands were amazing as well.

Then I got to go to two more shows after that. I had my hopes up once more that the world would open again but near Christmas 2021 another shutdown. Damn! By April the doors were opening once more, and not to be shut down again! So a few more shows went by like Shinedown who were amazing. I had a blast! But that was just a teaser for the absolute monster that was coming to town and tear the city to shreds!

August 21, 2022:

Rammstein the German band was heading it’s way to North America, First stop beautiful Montreal. I have been anticipating impatiently for August 21, 2022! When the day finally arrived I had done all my chores early to free up my afternoon pacing in my living room waiting to leave. I left with my son and my friend excited. The thick gray and dark skies didn’t spoil our moods. When we got to the park the ground was wet and muddy our shoes were quickly muddy and soaked.

While waiting in line, a downpour of rain hit us. It went on for a good 15 minutes, soaking us to the bone, but we didn’t care. The moment we’ve all been waiting for had arrived. Around 5:30pm the gates opened like a line up at Walmart on a Black Friday. The location was Parc Jean Drapeau, a tiny island off Montreal.  The park is a massive landscape where many events are held throughout the year.

The Stage:

This picture was taken near the entry.

As we walked onto the grounds where the event was held, the first thing we saw was this mammoth monstrous stage. Pictures and videos don’t do it justice until you see it in front of you. It is massive.

As you can see the sheer size of it.

The stage cost is around $6,000,000. It takes 7 days to build with around 265 people to bring it up and down again  They have 90 transport truck to move 1350 tonnes of equipment.

This picture was taken mid show

The stage measured at 200′ wide 100′ deep and 120′ high. There were over 586 effects, 860 lbs. of confetti, 1070 projectors lights, 36 smoke machines, 35 high-powered ventilators. You had something out of this world

The park grounds filled up with over 43,000 Rammstein fans from all over Canada and the States. I even met someone who came from Vancouver to see this spectacle. The opening act were two classical pianists from France called Duo Abélard playing Rammstein songs. As odd as it sounds, the idea of having a classical duo playing piano at a metal show! It worked and their performance was absolutely beautiful. They performed for approximately 35 min. While the two ladies played on you realize how deep and complex Rammstein‘s music really is.


Finally the moment had arrived near 8:15pm. The announcer came on the mic telling everyone not to film the event. A roar of laughter from the crowd burst in the air. As I was way back and could see the whole field, there wasn’t one person without a cell phone recording the event. It was rather humorous.

Before I go into the songs, just to tell you that I have linked all the songs to their videos.

Armee der Tristen

Rammstein‘s intro song Armee der Tristen from their latest album Zeit vibrated through the air. That was the moment that you realized this night won’t be like any other night. There was something special, we could all feel it. Then it hits you loud and crystal clear. From the very first note, the sound coming out of the speakers like we had never heard before. The Gods had landed from the heavens and given us a sound that was absolutely perfect pumping out from 170 speaker amps type LA12X pumping out 12,000 watts each, you ended up with 2,000,000 watts of sound. It was loud and beautiful! Perfection!

Everyone and I mean everyone was mesmerized by the sound. You could see it in their faces, jaws dropped, wide-eyed and joyful. It is one of those moments where you had to be there to hear it. As loud as it was never once did my ears ring. The next day in almost every newspapers and on the news it was said you could hear the show from up to 10 km away. My friend who lived about 2km away, told me he heard it crystal clear from his house and wondered if we were all deaf the next day.

From Zick Zack to Zeig Dich

The second song was Zick Zack which is also from the new album. The fans were cranked up at this point and so was I. I have been dealing with a sore foot for weeks and you could see me stomp the ground like a mad man to the beat. I was having too much fun, I didn’t care.

Rammstein went back to the past and sang Links 2-3-4 from the Mutter album, with its’ famous military stomp. They dropped the red flags. This is where it got serious and the crowd roared out loud and started singing and dancing and marching along. We were only in the third song and this euphoric wave hit all 43,000 fans. How high can these German guys bring us? It was incredible!

The fourth song comes on and we had lost our minds. The red flags still there and the strobe effect light show and by that time it was finally dark. Sehnsucht (“longing” in English) another great song from the past from the same-titled album really felt good to hear.

The fifth song they played was a song from their 2019 album Rammstein (the one with the match.) They sang Zeig Dich.

The sixth song Rammstein sang was Mein Herz brennt from the album Mutter, one of my very favourite albums. With the red light effects, Rammstein was rockin solid. You could see Flake on his treadmill playing his keyboard.

Giant Strollers of Fire

On the seventh song, they brought in the giant stroller for Puppe. It may be one of my least favourite songs from their 2019 album, but live it was special! They lit up this giant stroller on fire, and the fire works began, bringing the heat. With lots of theatrics they sold the song.

Heirate Mich was the eighth song and came from their very first album Herzeleid. This one was for the oldest fans in the crowd. They improved the song since then. If you listen to their first album to know, you hear how Till Lindemann‘s voice has evolved over the years.

Going into the ninth song and we were not even halfway! Park Jean Drapeau had turned into a shrine where everyone was worshiping Till and his crew. They slowed the tempo down a bit to chill the crowd with the beautiful melody Zeit (Time).


So we were now into the tenth song and they bring on Deutschland. Now the video for this song is absolutely epic. How can they top it live? With their stage antics and the fantastic light show, of course. They started with the remixed version where the boys were dressed in this suit that would light up bright white and turn off. they were dancing around for a while then went into the original version of the song. It was quite the scene.

The 11th song was the halfway point of the show with the song Radio from the same album again accompanied by lights show. As I said before, every song had a different light show, nothing repeated itself.

It came to the 12th song. Hehehehe, the boys from CGCM Radio should know this one as I made my little radio show for Halloween and I had included this song Mein Teil from their Reise Riese album. The cannibals song. They had the keyboardist in a cauldron and Till took a flame thrower to it. The flames kept coming and coming! You wanted fire, you got fire!

Du Hast

This brings me to the 13th and most notable song from Rammstein from their album Sehnsucht, Du Hast. The crowd went into a frenzy, and everyone started singing along. Till would put the mic out to the crowd and they sang. As the song plays, the fire works begin and I mean fire, fire, fire!!! The four towers and all the front stage went up in flames. It was absolutely incredible. A wide-eyed crowd wowed in awe.

But that’s not all folks, in mid song they slowed the tempo just to hear the crowd singing. The tempo went back up again and if you looked up two giant sparks started from the stage to the towers. Then flames burst out of the towers and the sparks split four ways on their way back to the stage. And there again giant flames came out! Watch this little clip. pyro clip

From the Mutter album, a crowd favourite, the song Sonne (sun) was the 14th song of the night and the flames kept coming and coming on stage. From the top of the stage and the towers. The night was on fire!

At the 15th song they took a break for a few minutes and it was quiet. The band appeared on the mini stage where they sang the song Engel from the Mutter album. This time they had the opening pianists, Duo Abélard playing with them. After the song the band got on rubber boats and were crowd surfing right back to the main stage!


Number 16 the band revved it back up with the song Auslander. That got the crowd roaring again. The light show was done only with white lights.

At number 17 Du Riechst So Gut from their first album. This was done under green light effects.

Pussy from the album Lieb Ist Fur Alle Da was at 18. Yeah, everyone was singing that one. The rare song where Till sang in English mixed with German. Till brought out this giant cannon shaped like a man’s appendage spewing out soap on the front row, and around the towers giant cannons ejecting confetti on the crowd.

Well now is there an and to this show???? HELL NO!! Song number 19 their self-titled song Rammstein. This song was insane live. Till had a backpack filled with fuel on his back that created this peacock looking flames behind him. It was stunning to watch! Then the top of the stage lit up in a fire ball. It was incredible.

The 20th song came in Ich Will from Mutter. This also is a crowd favourite, and came under white and purple light show.

Rammstein Bid Adieu

Finally and sadly we come to the end with the 21st song from the Zeit album Adieu. It was a perfect way to end the show, this goodbye song had a proper send off.  They also wanted to burn all the fuel they had left in the tanks because they lit up the night. If you looked up in the sky the light reached up to the clouds, the flames were rising constantly. The light show was just fantastic and it never let up! It was magical. Then at the end of the song they got into an elevator in the middle of the stage and went up the tower. Once they were on top all the light went out. It was over.

I wanted more. I could have easily cheered on for an other hour. 43,000 fans also wanted more, alas it wasn’t going to happen. The night had ended and people were clearing the grounds.

That night what we all witnessed will never be repeated! As I write this review five days later, I’m still on cloud nine from that night. The reviews the next day were off the charts.  People waiting for the show in the next city read the reviews and have extremely high expectations, and Rammstein will deliver.

I can only hope that I won’t have to wait 10 years before seeing them again.

Who ever reads this article although a bit long, has to go to one of their shows.

Rammstein has always been one of my favourite bands. Some people may think they’re messed up in the head for what they do live or on their videos. There’s a meaning to everything they do. Rammstein expresses what they see in the world. They bring out our darkest thoughts and put it out there to see.  Take your time and translate their songs into your language, you will see how deep and how far they will go. This is what makes them so damn good, they are geniuses.

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Until next time my friends! Enjoy what we have now!

Rock on my Brothers and Sisters!!

Dr. Tardis out!

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