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New release from: RadiantWritten By Life April 22, 2022

Radiant are back with their second studio album Written By Life!

In life, there’s often just a fine line between happiness, pain, sorrow and fulfillment, and our ups and downs have made us who we are today.  This album tells the stories of Radiant‘s personal and musical adventures, milestones, and tragedies.

Written By Life is a concept album about the band members’ lives since they started playing music.
Everyone in the band wrote down 2-3 personal stories for this album. They all wrote the songs together in the rehearsal room where they played, jammed, laughed, and had a few beers together.

This album is a big step forward for Radiant. The songwriting is diverse, the songs are very catchy, and the album is full of uplifting melodies, great instrumental work, and very personal stories as well as a powerful, dynamic, transparent, old-school and at the same time modern sound!

1. Nightshift
2. Don’t Stop The Daydream
3. Real Passion Will Never Die
4. Live The Adventure
5. Stand That Fight
6. Because Of You
7. Contagioned
8. Rock And Win
9. Dare To Fail
10. Twice A Week
11. Hang Around With Friends

Herbie Langhans – Vocals
Carsten Stepanowicz – Guitars
Flo Gottsleben – Guitars
Markus Beck – Bass
Manni Spalka – Drums

2018 Radiant
2022 Written By Life



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