PASSION - Passion (Album Review)

Intensity And Passion

It truly exists! Proof that rock is alive and thriving once again comes from Frontiers Records. They have just released an album that is fresh and rocks your ass off like it’s 1989. Today’s thoughts of everything retro is great again with remakes of ’80s movies, the sensation of Stranger Things on Netflix it’s no wonder this style of hard rock is garnering attention once again. Passion is an up and coming band that is similar to Danger Danger, Giant, with Dokken/Whitesnake mixed in.

Passion & Intensity

The lead-off track is “Intensity”. Properly titled I’d say and a true way to describe the album as a whole. With blazing guitar riffs and a punishing bass and drum sound, I am surprised this hasn’t been used as a single. Although some have compared this to the Dokken tune “Kiss of Death“, I feel that this tune is a great opening track for a debut album, and pretty much makes a mission statement to the listeners.

The first single from this album is “Trespass on Love” is very Ted Poley style in its singing, and is a bit less intense than the previous song, but justifiably so. This song has a great vibe to it, and flows perfectly with the tracklisting, keeping the musical vibes of Passion in check.

Too Bad For Baby” is a bluesy glitter rock sounding tune that has a driving beat, and simple playing that just gets the blood and fists pumping along with the tune. This could almost be a perfect Danger Danger tune back in the day. It’s got a groove that you can’t help but enjoy, and shake your ass too.

Victims back in the Dark

PASSION - Passion (Album Review)

The next track, “Lost in the Dark” clearly showcases the Dokken influence once again, that has been embedded into the band. With a gang vocal opening line, you can almost see the video of a nighttime scene, clouds of smoke rising from the gutters. The long coats of leather and studded fingerless gloves all being highlighted by a full moon and gloomy street lights. As mentioned before about the retro feel, and how shows like Stranger Things are all the craze too many, this could have easily fit into the MTV era.

This album may have you already reaching for your Aqua-net and spandex pants. Clearly you would be justified because this album is exactly what should be listening to while dressed for a night out on those ’80s streets, but it’s not over yet! We’ve only come halfway!

Back” again has that deep bluesy feel to it with a dripping groove guitar sound and commanding percussions. Combine that with the vocals and you are treated to a fist-pounding song that any listener of Passion should truly enjoy. After listening to the track, however, you almost wonder if it should be at the end of the record, because of its message of “coming back”, and even states, “I’ll see you next time“.

Passion Bites hard

Victims of Desire” and “We Do What We Want” are more tracks in the Ted Poley vein of vocals. But the latter is again is more of a statement that is basically telling one to go f&*k themselves, and has that sleazy, hard rock feel. A true case of how less can be more. A simple drum beat and some great guitar riffs take this song down a path that many of us lovers of this genre crave and want more of.

Rounding out the album, you get tracks like “Built to Please“, and “She Bites Hard“, and lastly “Big Game“. As the titles hint to, these are songs about something we all love…sex. What else would a band of this style crave, and have to write about? Isn’t it usually the reason most of us in our youth wanted to become rockstars?

A Book and Its Cover

PASSION - Passion (Album Review)

Passion is clearly a band that a person can truly judge a book by its cover. With a Neon purple logo across the back of a pink-haired person, with the flashes of blues and pinks around them, as if standing in an electrically charged vortex, one can almost feel the sleaziness and sex-fuelled vibes dripping from the seams of the album. Truly one knows what a listener is getting when they pick up Passion.

Psycho Thoughts

Well, the previous statement pretty much sums up my thoughts on this album. Since hearing it the first time, I loved it. This gets a huge 10 outta 10 from me personally. Being a huge fan of this band’s influences, but most importantly the sound of Passion. I cannot recommend enough to those that feel as Passionate about this style as I do to give this album a chance and support it by actually buying the album, you won’t be disappointed.

Rock On!

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  1. Intensity
  2. Trespass On Love
  3. Too Bad For Baby
  4. Lost In The Dark
  5. Back
  6. Victims Of Desire
  7. We Do What We Want
  8. Built To Please
  9. She Bites Hard
  10. Big Game


  • Lion Ravarez – Vocals
  • Chance Vanderlain – Guitar
  • Weston James – Bass
  • Bobby Laker – Drums