NWOBHM Radio Show Part #1 (Meister Music Radio Show)

NWOBHM Radio Show Part #1 (Meister Music Radio Show)
NWOBHM Radio Show Part #1

Hello all, I’m RichThe MeisterDillon co-creator, podcast co-host, website content creator and radio show host here at CGCM Rock Radio.

I’ve long been a fan of the NWOBHM and similar-sounding sub-genres of Metal. So for a while now I’ve been thinking about showcasing NWOBHM bands in an episode of my weekly CGCM Rock Radio show called Meister Music. Well, the time has come.

What started out as an idea for a show, quickly became two shows as I chose songs and created a playlist amassing enough music. A little research led me to discover more bands from the movement that I’d not listened to in the past. Nor, in some cases, ever even heard of! And so it sprouted into a third and quickly a fourth as well as I wanted to include not only the classic era material from NWOBHM bands but also feature some of the more current outputs from bands still releasing music. There might even be a fifth installment by the time I get that far…lol

NWOBHM Radio Show Part #1 (Meister Music Radio Show)

And so here, I present Part #1 of the Meister Music – NWOBHM Radio Shows. For this first show, I rather eased into things and chose to showcase the more known names, saving the more obscure for later installments of the series. Perhaps serving as a bit of an introduction to those only knowing the massive exports of NWOBHM such as Iron Maiden or Def Leppard. There should be enough known names so a casual listener doesn’t feel lost as well as some new discoveries and as we get deeper into the series I’ll showcase some of the more obscure.

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