NOCTURNA -Daughters Of The Night (Album Review)

NOCTURNA -Daughters Of The Night

Out of Milan, Italy comes Nocturna, bringing their unique sound of Symphonic Metal. Their debut album, Daughters of the Night, blends in the beautiful operatic voices of Rehn and Grace with heavy metal.

These guys formed in 2021 and their debut album sounds great!

NocturnaDaughters of the Night is released by Scarlet Records. Unfortunately, I don’t have much information on the folks behind the production of this album, all I have to say is that they did a great job.

In the style of NightWish and Epica in my view, Nocturna delivers Symphonic Metal to perfection.  I love the keyboards on some of the songs and great riffs on guitar. Of course, let’s not forget Rehn and Grace. Wow!!! Great Voices!!  I really like this album, if you know me by now, for me to do an album review the band has to get my interest from the first 30 seconds. Well, I liked it so much I went through the whole album with a smile.

For anyone who loves symphonic metal, this is a must in your collection. I am sure you will like it as much as I do.

On this Earth, we have so many varieties of music and everyone has their own taste, I love to dabble in different genres, some stick to me and some don’t. Ever since I heard NightWish, Within Temptation, Epica… etc I got hooked on this style. Nocturna belongs with these guys!

So look out for Nocturna‘s debut album Daughters of the Night.


  1. Spectral Ruins
  2. New Evil
  3. Daughters of the Night
  4. The Sorrow Path
  5. Sea of Fire
  6. Blood of Heaven
  7. In this Tragedy
  8. Darkest Days
  9. Nocturnal Whispers
  10. The Trickster

Rehn Stillnight on Vocals

Grace Darkling on Vocals

Hedon on Guitar

Antares on Bass

Deimos on Drums

Here are some links to Nocturna:

Nocturna Facebook / Nocturna Merch / Nocturna YouTube

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