NIGHT LEGION - Fight Or Fall (June 30, 2023)

NIGHT LEGION – Fight Or Fall

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New release from: NIGHT LEGION – Fight Or Fall (June 30, 2023)

Following their much acclaimed, self-titled 2017-debut, June 30, 2023 sees Australian heavy metal force NIGHT LEGION release their sophomore studio album, entitled Fight Or Fall, via Massacre Records!

As the first album single, “The Hounds Of Baskerville”, immediately proves, Fight Or Fall is a no-nonsense return to fast and powerful heavy metal with screaming vocals, crushing guitars and hooks that remind you what great songwriting sounds like. This record is not a happy walk through a forest of elves – this is the battlefield where metal lives and soaring vocals invoke the spirits of what made metal the force it is today!
The music video for NIGHT LEGION‘s new single is now streaming below!


“A classic horror-inspired track slightly based around the Sherlock Holmes’ The Hound of the Baskervilles, however with a much more dark and brutal twist and in our own way,“ the band reveals. “It centralizes to a small town being terrorized by the local werewolves, with descriptive references.

“Some people believe it, some people don’t and think it’s a legend we have devised ourselves until they themselves face the terror & wrath. The wolves in this case also represent the 5 of us – we are about to unleash a new record and we have the hunger to unleash on the live circuit!

“It’s also inspired by how humanity’s own state of madness can conjure up such evil for the reason to terrorize, deceive and always live in fear. The reference to the chorus “Chase the hounds of Baskerville” really comes from how we as humans are intrigued to learn more about the mysteries of the world and anything that scares us. It’s a pretty bold, in-your-face, massive memorable chorus – it’s the run to the hills of the album, I’d say, hence being the first single.

It’s a heart stopper vocally and Stu’s guitar work adds another dimension – this song will play a movie in the listener’s head.”

Fight Or Fall was produced by NIGHT LEGION guitarist Stu Marshall. It was mixed and mastered by Chris Themelco at Monolith Studios. Set to be released on June 30, 2023, the album pre-sale has just started via Massacre Records.

Fight Or Fall track listing:

1. The Hounds Of Baskerville
2. Babylon Burns
3. Soaring Into The Black
4. Fight Or Fall
5. At World’s End
6. Beyond The Crimson Dawn
7. Harvest Of Sin
8. The Enemy
9. The Hand Of Death

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NIGHT LEGION – The Hounds Of Baskerville (Lyric Video)

“The Hounds Of Baskerville” is featured on NIGHT LEGION’s album “Fight Or Fall” – out on 30/06/2023 via Massacre Records – get it here ” Video produced by Martin Wrigsjö Staflin @nightlegionband3785 +++ LYRICS +++ Forged within the pits of hell Fire breathing terror, devastating cries Grounds